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McIsaac Law, P.A. will provide you with a free initial consultation to discuss how we can best serve your interests.

As a veteran owned and operated law firm, McIsaac Law offers a unique and decisive approach to various legal issues unmatched by other law firms in Florida.  We provide innovative and creative solutions to resolve whatever matter you may be dealing with in the most efficient way possible.  Our Firm is built from the ground up to provide a tailor-made solution to your legal issues.  We keep you involved and at the very center of our attention throughout every step of your case.  


We have served our country, and now we am here to serve you!

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Internet Privacy & Copyright Claims

Too often, nefarious business attempt to exploit everyday, hardworking people.  You do not have to suffer unreasonable exploitation and invasions of privacy because a company wants to earn a quick dollar.

If you have been threatened with disclosure of your personal information due to a copyright infringement claim,


Contact our firm today to speak with a licensed, experienced attorney about your claim or Motion to Quash.

Personal Injury Law

Every personal injury case is different, and that is why each requires a unique approach.

McIsaac Law, P.A. is here when you need us most.  Our personal service and client focused approach to the law is aimed solely at helping you in your time of need.

  Whether hurt on the job or in a car accident, we are here for you in these difficult times. When we am involved in a case, we will work with you to reach your goals.

Business Litigation & Interruption

McIsaac Law, P.A. is ready and able to help you with any legal issues facing your business.  


In these difficult times, McIsaac Law is here to help fight for the rights of your business.  


Small business owners are the backbone of the American economy and you deserve legal representation that understands that.  From entity selection, contract disputes, and insurance claims and defense, McIsaac Law can help you with trusted legal advice and business guidance.

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