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Driving Under The Influence

DUI Attorney
DUI attorney

When you are facing a DUI/DWI charge, it can be an emotional time.  Although many feel that they can just pretend it never happened, this can cause major issues with your legal defense.  When your freedom and reputation are on the line, you have to move quickly to ensure your legal remedies are not exhausted.  Remember, You only have ten days to appeal with suspension of your driver's license!

Drunk driving is a serious crime, with serious repercussions, and Florida does not take these matters lightly.  Based on your prior criminal record, and the unique aspects of each case, the penalties you could face vary greatly.  From license suspensions that go one for years to hefty fines, it is important you understand what you are facing.

We encourage you to contact our experience defense team to discuss your legal remedies as soon as possible.

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